Hi! I’m Angela Shelton, introducing the Sword of Trauma Course.

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Start at the START HERE Above and go through the steps! There are no excuses.

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If you’ve seen me on the speaking circuit over the years I have kept my promise to moving on from trauma and going back to making movies.

That’s what I want you to do – FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, not your nightmares!

The most powerful thing you can do is change what you are saying to yourself in your head. Begin right now. Do it.

The SWORD OF TRAUMA healing course of trauma informed care.

Angela does great work. Important work. And she does it with so much love. She knows exactly when to bring in some humor, without making fun of the subject. Through Angela's work I have learned there is hope. She has shown me that there is a way through and out of this. And that there is happiness to come. I am still removing the last bits of the sword, and I can't wait for the wound to heal. As a kid I loved sword play with my cousin, so now I can play again - just with another kind of sword.
A Survivor in Germany
As a child I was abused. When I saw Angela's movie I had just come out of a indescribable depression. I was inspired mainly by the part of the movie when she was just screaming. That was one of the truest show of raw and real emotion I had ever seen. I thought if she could be so true in showing your pain to the world surely I could too. Since that time I have followed her work and it has helped me in my darkest of times. I am inspired by Angela to move forward. She is a true angel.
male survivor/thriver
Angela is an agent for change, a catalyst, an alchemist. Angela has made her private story our public story and her transformation our transformation.
Justice for Children
I am a 48 year old man who was molested by family as a child. I carried those repressed feelings with me my whole life, like so many others do. I finally found someone talking about childhood sexual abuse who was uplifting and has a great sense of humor. I looked through your site and loved the way you use the sword of trauma to describe these horrible feelings we all have as abuse victims. I signed up for your one year course and began receiving wonderful emails with tons of helpful information. You help me every day as I do my weekly exercises in the healing workbook. You encourage me to move beyond survivor. You are showing me how to become Sir Thriver! Your incredibly positive energy has made my healing journey more fun and is helping me to dream again. Thank you Angela. I feel like you are here personally supporting me every day.
Jeff Vahldick
construction worker, author
Angela Shelton is a Sherpa leading the way from unspeakable challenges to fully articulated self-acceptance and jubilee, all the while magically and magnificently embracing her self-acceptance and joy daily. She's a living breathing reminder that "healing is possible".
Virtual Assistant / Content Manager based in the Bay Area
“The Sword of Trauma” class was great! This will serve as a great tool to use when employees (and even friends/family) reach out and I may have the opportunity to help in their healing process and help them overcome whatever type of trauma has them feeling powerless!
nurse at Ashland Chemical in Pasadena, Texas
I presented the Sword of Trauma at the TCC/ACIT Environmental Health and Safety Seminar. I know that I changed lives that day...people were blessed with healing because I had the courage (with the support of Angela and Healing Speakers) to share my Sword with others - you can do the same. I had both men and women thanking me through tears for sharing my story because of the blessing they received and that they were going to share it with their church youth groups, co-workers, loved ones, patients...can you feel the huge wave of healing??? ... that was just a one hour presentation!
Industrial Hygiene & Global Chemical Compliance Manager